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COMANY INTRODUCTION TRODUCTION Since its foundation in the year 1982 this company has engaged in production and export of kinds of oil shaker screen derrick replacement screen swaco replacement screen brandt replace screen kemtron replcement screen and so on Shale shaker screens are extensively used in the oil industry for solid control system Main markets are Russia Iran Oman kazakhstan England Germany USA Canada Brazil Saudi Arabia Algeria Our products are all given high evaluation by customers OUR ADAVANTAGE 30 plus years experiences of manufacturing Oil Shale Shaker Screen Series SERVICE SUPPORT First class raw material all products can meet API RP 13C standard Truth Honesty is the core...

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Derrick Shaker Screen

Swaco Shaker Screen

Brandt Shaker Screen

Kemtron Shaker Screen

FSI 5000 Shaker Screen

Scomi Prima Shaker Screen

Polyurethane Screen Mesh

Shale Shaker Screen

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